Whalebone Aura protects all of your subscribers’ connected devices from threats with a single click, without the need to install anything. But we go further, with 16 different user touchpoints to show the value of this security, and increase customer stickiness. Finally, where other vendors struggle to integrate features like this in less than nine months, Whalebone makes it happen in as little as seven weeks; so you can start monetizing your new security solution and increase customer satisfaction before you know it.

Threat Intelligence

Whalebone uses more than 50 different public and proprietary threat intelligence feeds to identify likely threats, including those from local CERTs, malware analysts, security feed providers, and others. We integrate threat feeds for specific countries to better secure local users. We also include our own feeds of threats that our internal threat intelligence team identified.

Machine Learning

Several malware techniques, including Domain Generation Algorithms and DNS tunneling attacks, are difficult to spot by common threat intelligence feeds since they are designed to avoid traditional detection methods – and are unknown to security tools that rely on lists. Whalebone Aura deploys several proprietary machine learning techniques to identify these hidden attacks in real time.

Threat scoring

Many security providers treat all threat intelligence equally, regardless of their source, frequency, recency, or accuracy. Whalebone constantly optimizes feed data, independent of its source to identify relevant threats, without damaging the user experience by blocking safe sites or links.

Real-time updates

Cybersecurity is only as good as its most recent update. Some security providers update their data twice a day, four times a day, or even six times a day. This leaves gaps in threat intelligence that can be exploited by malicious actors to compromise user devices. Thanks to Whalebone Aura’s unique hybrid deployment, updates happen in real time, continuously throughout the day, so users always have the most current security information, protecting them from threats.

  • Two complementary layers of security: Identity Protection and DNS-Based Network Security
  • Protects all connected devices without the need to install anything
  • A fully customizable white-label product without any capital expenditure
  • Multiple product add-ons including content filtering and parental control
  • Designed for smooth deployment – we can make it work in 7 weeks
  • Leads to record-breaking ROI due to low TCO and high profit margin
  • No up-front commitments. Schedule a demo call with us and see how you feel about it.

User experience

Easy to activate for anyone due to no installation and numerous points of sales

  • Zero-to-one click onboarding – the cornerstone of your new product’s superior user experience
  • Multiple digital touchpoints make your customers aware of the value of the product
  • All the relevant studies show that customers are more and more aware of cyber threats. They appreciate if their Telco protects them with zero disruption to their experience.